Asha Elia (pronounced Ash-uh Ell-ee-uh) is an East London based emerging artist focused on bringing a dewy contemporary vibe, shaping the current climate of UK music. Originally from Bristol, Asha is already on course to take her unique soulful sound across the globe.

Early in her career, her independent releases have already surpassed a million streams collectively with each release being hailed online as a ‘breath of fresh air’ by fans and media publications alike.

With such buzz and excitement surrounding Asha, it should come as no surprise when so many describe her as angelic and progressive; a description befitting to both her and her music. Her biggest melodic influences range from the mellow tones of James Blake & Jhene Aiko to the vibrant sounds of current artists such as Drake & Jorja Smith. Her sound and lyrical content find itself heavily laced with themes of love & worship, thus setting her apart from the cultural norms being presented by so many of her musical peers.

Her recently released Debut EP, which includes singles Nights Like This & Evidence aims to give listeners a glimpse into what fans and the industry can expect from Asha as an artist. The project explores a variety of genres & sounds and has been praised for its heartfelt storyline which has already captured the hearts of listeners across all continents.


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