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Kaobi formally known as A.O, is a 25 year old rapper and singer/songwriter from south east London. With Nigerian heritage, Kaobi accredits his newly acclaimed alias to reflect his cultural identity. The name is of Igbo descent and can be attributed to many meanings, however ‘a manifestation of my heart’s desire’ is the meaning that resonates with the rapper the most, as music has been his heart's desire from a young age. Effortlessly blending genres UK rap and alternative r&b forms, Kaobi’s hypnotic sound has led him to create and perform original songs specifically to celebrate the FIFAe Nations Cup at the O2 Arena in collaboration with Mixtape Madness.

He has previously headlined at iluvlive at Hoxton Square in 2017 and Leicester in 2018. He also headlined an artist development scheme show called Project Live where he rehearsed and performed with a full band at the 2funky Music Cafe in Leicester 2016. ‘Freshers Flu’ was his debut mixtape released under A.O, in 2019. He has then gone on to release a collection of songs under the title ‘Don’t Sleep Tapes Vol.1’ displaying his ability to amalgamate both genres with the contagious mid tempo ‘On My Own’ incorporating a catchy relatable chorus alongside his sharp wordplay.

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