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This is SIAH. What a debut year it has been! After releasing his first song "G.A.M.E" (released through Sony Orchard), Siah has since moved towards the Independent route to hone his skills and talent. He's since conveyed his passion and energy through consistent releases every 3-4 months. This managed to gain support from the likes of Reprezent, No Signal, BBC Radio London, Apple Music and many others. Siah continues to embrace versatility and penmanship of the finest quality to show the U.K he is one to watch. With each single, his intentions were to express the story of his journey. He did this by ensuring he touched on genres of influence during his youth and later years. This final single of the year, Process, is actually the first song made by Siah and sonically takes you through a journey as the lyrics complement the path set by this infusion of instruments. The name "Process" is a direct reference where it first started for Siah
 "Every song I make means something, but together, each song I've released is meant to make you feel something different. I make every song special because I know each person listening to it is also, special." ‘Welcome to the Process."

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