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21 year old ‘Reek0’ combines jazzy instrumentals and garage flows, creating his own alternative fusion sound. He represents the shift of old school into new-age alternative rap & UKG. It’s melodic, yet raw and honest, met with conversational narratives reflecting life growing up as a young boy in Tottenham. Kicking off his career with his single release “Know me already”, only shows his ever-growing fan base, the lyrical ability shining through the tune. As a producer, he is known as Reek0 Productions, frequently producing his own intricate instrumentals for his own use and those of other artists. The future is very exciting for his career, as he is only at the tip of the iceberg in sharing his versatility as a rapper but also as a producer. Whilst he’s currently cooking up mind blowing projects in the studio, through the use of hazy, resonant basslines and surrounding the concepts of alternative/garage/hip hop/grime, the preparation process is making all very optimistic for what is to come…

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