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Artist and songwriter Inkra Debelle meaning “Ink Of Beauty/Beautiful writer” hailes from East London but does not like to be boxed in.  Her songwriting skills span across many genres, writing for TV sync projects and other Artists, but proudly champions R&B, Dancehall, Afrobeat and pop when it comes to her own artistry. 

A sound bringing Jhene Aiko, meets Kranium, meets ‘00s R&B. In other words, sweet vocals with a Jamaican spin and All things R&B.   Her Jamaican heritage & English upbringing plays a major part in her ability to intertwine different genres, as London oozes culture and diversity. Regularly described as female empowering, her lyrics often encourage self-worth, sass and sexiness, But prides herself on having relatable lyrics for all, with melodies that can’t go unnoticed. 

With her debut Single “NAH” reaching some of the biggest radio stations in the UK, including Radio 1. Followed by single “As you are '' which she has performed at shows Across the UK and on Artist tours such as Kizz Daniel, and Geko.  


Recently Performing at Xlusive-Fest, and hosting at Strawberries and Cream festival, Inkra is slowly emerging alongside big names and is one to watch for 2022.

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