Born in Barbados I grew up singing in the church where my passion grew with gospel being my main influence. I've grown up listening to all genres of music such as classical, alternative rock, rnb, soul etc and excites me to find new music, artists. Singing is both a passion and my way to relax and chill. Recently I have gotten back into my songwriting and I thought it's time to share my mind. If my day could consist of anything it would be singing/ songwriting with others and blending musical ideas. Dream would be to create demos for other artists and maybe feature on some too.


SDS: How did you find your performance? 


Sharia: I enjoyed my performance a lot and wished I could have sung more but nerves did get the best of me on some occasions. However I believe there is perfection in the imperfections and I’m glad you will hear the raw and unfiltered version. I am happy to share my love of singing and music with you all and I hope you enjoyed me too.


SDS: What got you into music?


Sharia: A number of things from attending church when I was a baby, being surrounded by Soca, Reggae music in my birth country Barbados and having a musical paternal family who sing and play numerous instruments. Although my love for music was inevitable, my mum musical taste has definitely shaped my singing styles.



SDS: Who or what are your influences? 


Sharia: My influences stem from Gospel music with extra love of harmonies perfected in choirs.

Artists like Brandy not only fuel my musical tastes but my singing/songwriting styles aswell. I have an appreciation for the production of her songs the way she layers her voice with harmonies as though she is a choir herself. Country, Blues, Jazz, Rock (indie, alternative, punk etc) Ballads, Soul, Disco Rnb Soca music to name a few are heavy influences.



SDS: Do you have any releases coming soon?


Sharia: I am working on some songs that I have honestly been going back and forth about releasing but I hope to produce the sneak peek exclusive I performed spring next year. 

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